Amidst these harsh times, the environment has been left unattended. We do not realize the degradation our planet is going through until an actual natural disaster shows up. It’s about time that we realize our roles and learn to play them well. We all need to take up some proactive steps toward a cleaner and more efficient living habitat. Most of the unnoticed damage comes from excessive and hazardous consumption. Here is Retailio’s way of promising you a greener tomorrow. Retailio has taken up certain dynamic and revolutionizing steps to create a better future for pharmaceutical deliveries as well.

What is Retailio?

Retailio’s online platform connects distributors and pharmaceutical companies. It is present in over 100 cities and has a network of over a thousand pharmaceutical companies, approximately 3,000 distributors, and approximately 100,000 pharmacies, hospitals, and nursing homes.

What is a green fleet initiative?

A green fleet initiative is intended on increasing efforts and supporting the efficient energy of mechanical and lighting equipment. Retailio’s green initiative revolves completely around concentrating on the avoidance of waste. Retailio strongly believes in the efficient use of resources in smarter and environmentally friendly ways. Retailio’s main focus is on how we could use our current resources in the best and most efficient manner. Retailio introduces their green initiatives, Sky Fleet and Rio Green Fleet.

Retailio Sky Fleet - Drone trials

Retailio conducted its drone-based delivery trials in Karnataka’s Chikkaballapur district. This trial was designed based on a partnership with an autonomous healthcare drone logistics company called Redwing Labs. The hybrid VTOL (vertical take-off & landing) can cover a 10-kilometer radius worth of distance. Amidst this trial, the drones covered the distance between Gauribidanur and Hossur Primary Healthcare Centre in approximately eight minutes at an average speed of 90 kilometers per hour with a payload weight of nearly two kilograms.

Retailio Sky Fleet is primarily focused on delivering critical medicines to hospitals within 10 minutes. This program adheres to cold chain as well as other necessary standards.

At present, access is one of the most crucial attributes of the Indian Healthcare System. This green initiative shall provide a wide range of opportunities to the healthcare zone as well as logistics. The opportunity to efficiently provide healthcare supplies to remote areas within and across the country is one of the greatest reasons for the success of Retailio’s drone trials.

“The vision to integrate drones in the healthcare ecosystem is a critical step towards efficient medicine delivery. We feel autonomous drones at scale would bring in a lot of disruption in healthcare delivery,” said Retailio CEO Mithil Jain. Rio Green Fleet

Rio Green Fleet is Retailio’s second initiative post drone deliveries. This green fleet program will help Retailio give logistics a greener as well as an eco-friendly perspective.

Rio Green Fleet is a revolutionary initiative aimed at efficient and cleaner deliveries. It completely changes the way logistics work in the healthcare sector. Currently, 70 electric-vehicle have been launched. With a primary base in Mumbai, they also have a secondary base in Mysore and Davangere. Each of these bikes can cover a distance of nearly 80Km daily. This is based on zero carbon footprint impact and no fossil fuel consumption. This would further lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce air pollution. Hence this initiative will save over 1049 trees. The Rio Green Fleet has been conditioned to help with fuel efficiency as well.

Nevertheless, this initiative will help save over 25% on the total logistics cost. This will substantially help lower the overall costs intended on each product too. Soon to pan India, there are fairly high chances to see this initiative reach triple digits in several EVs soon.


These revolutionary initiatives are sure to change the way you have always looked at logistics. They not only alter the logistics cost but also help save the planet in the best ways possible. Retailio’s green initiatives can help save India and avoid overall natural disasters as well. After all, it’s not just hard work, but even smart work that goes in the long run.

This shall help save the environment as well as go easy on all of our pockets. So now save money and the environment only with Retailio. Join hands with Retailio today!


What is a green initiative?
Green initiatives increase efforts to support energy efficiencies of mechanical & lightning equipment, improve air quality, increase water conservation, reduce air pollution & decrease greenhouse gas emissions. This helps increase recycling streams thereby avoiding waste & catering to environmentally friendly practices.

Why are green initiatives important?
Green initiatives ensure clean air, free of pollutants that promote better health. This also helps save rainforests, that act as our natural air purifiers. Organic food is healthy and does not contain any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or any such contaminants.

How can green initiatives help humans?
Green initiatives help lower costs & save money. The use of renewable energy helps reduce energy consumption which helps save money used on electricity bills. Moreover, this initiative can help you save up on your water and electricity bills significantly.

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