How to check Medicine Availability in India?

While India is struck with the second wave, People are facing severe medicine shortages in the crisis period. Stocks of several other key covid-related drugs are running low as well, posing a new challenge in India’s battle against the pandemic.

Several experts have cited, limited production in the industry must be increased. Moreover, already available drugs should reach patients at the right time. People are still unaware of the medicine availability. Our major problem will be solved if people get information about their required medical product in their vicinity.

If you or anyone around you is facing the issue of medicine being out-of-stock?
Find pharmacies near you who recently stocked the medicines you need by clicking on the link below

Just enter the name of the product you're searching for along with Pincode.

This feature is launched by Retailio- India’s very own Pharma B2B Platform that happily serves over 5000+ Distributors and 100,000+ retailers. Our aim is to transform the status of the healthcare system in India through our wide network connecting people all over the nation. We believe, using technology and innovative medicines and pharma products can be made accessible to all that too in a sustainable way, hence we have curated this link to help people know about vaccine availability.

J.S. Shinde, president of All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD), said over the phone, "There is already a shortage of favipiravir in the country, and multivitamins are also going to see a shortage soon because most mild patients are primarily given that to strengthen their immune response against the disease. By next month, there might be a shortage in most covid-19 drugs if this trend of the second wave continues". So stay equipped with our life saving feature and get to know medicine availability at one tap.

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