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Most Searched Medicines:  Limcee,Zincovit,Grillinctus,Montek LC,Fabiflu,Ecosprin,Calpol,Dolo 650
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Retailio is India's largest B2B Pharma Marketplace with a presence in 100+ cities with a network of 1000+ Healthcare/Pharma Companies, 3000+ Pharmaceutical Distributors, 1L+ Pharmacies, Hospital, Nursing Homes & 200,000+ SKUs. Retailio has been at the forefront of ensuring quality products & timely service during the entire Covid-19 scenario.
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This feature is being provided by the Retailio platform to help people in the difficult times of COVID-19 pandemic. We have tried our best to provide accurate information through this feature but we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or validity of the information displayed. Any purchase of any prescription medicine should be based on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner and in accordance with the law and regulations. We assume no responsibility or liability in relation to any purchase of drugs and the users of this feature and the relevant pharmacies will solely be responsible for any liabilities. We shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, harm, damage, injury arising directly or indirectly from the use and access of this feature of the Retailio platform.
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