Effect of Pandemic on Mental Health

The research for vaccines has been carried out in a full-fledged manner and considering the situation, it must be the first priority.


Effect of Pandemic on Mental Health

The research for vaccines has been carried out in a full-fledged manner and considering the situation, it must be the first priority. Since, all endeavors are centered around understanding the study of disease transmission, clinical highlights, transmission pattern of the COVID‐19 pandemic there has been very little concern expressed over the impacts on one's mental as well as psychological wellbeing and on systems to forestall stigmatization

The effect of this pandemic on one's emotional well-being has not been studied or researched as much. Individuals' behavior may enormously influence the pandemic's dynamic by adjusting the seriousness, transmission, sickness, and repercussions. The current circumstance requires bringing issues to light out in the open, which can be useful to manage this pandemic. This article provides an overview of the impacts of the COVID‐19 on the emotional well-being of individuals

  • A pandemic isn't just a physical health thing; it influences people and society causing disturbance, uneasiness, stress, shame, and xenophobia.
  • The conduct of a person as a unit of society or a local area effectively affects the elements of a pandemic that includes the level of seriousness and eventual outcomes.
  • Quarantine and self‐isolation can in all likelihood cause a negative effect on one's emotional well-being.
  • A study published in The Lancet said that the separation from friends and family, loss of opportunity, the feeling of being caged, and vulnerability can cause a crumbling in a person's mental health status

Along with adults, it has caused a wide effect on children as well as senior citizens here how-


Children, away from their school, friends, and peers, staying at home can have numerous doubts regarding the pandemic and they look toward their parents or guardians to find the solution. Not all children react to the situation similarly.

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizens are more inclined to the COVID‐19 outbreak because of both medical and social reasons, for example, having a weaker immunity or other basic diseases as well as distancing themselves from their friends and family because of their busy schedules. As indicated by medical professionals, individuals over the age of 60 are comparatively more prone to get the SARS‐CoV‐2 and can even develop a serious and life‐threatening condition.

To conquer this, measures at the individual and societal levels are required. Under the current worldwide circumstance, both children and adults are encountering mixed feelings.

Ways to care for your Mental Health-

  1. Meaning: Find small ways to be of service to others.
  2. Your goals: Find workable goals that give you a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Pleasant Events: Schedule pleasant activities or events.
  4. Engagement: Stay in the present.
  5. Exercise: And, eat right too.
  6. Relationships: Focus on people who lift you up.
  7. Sleep Regularly: Try to keep a regular sleep schedule.

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