7 Ways to keep your Heart Healthy

In the midst of a corona crisis, it is very challenging to keep yourself mentally and physically fit.


7 Ways to keep your Heart Healthy

In the midst of a corona crisis, it is very challenging to keep yourself mentally and physically fit. In such a situation, it is important to keep your heart healthy. Today we are going to tell you 7 simple ways to keep your heart healthy, which you can include in your life and avoid different types of heart diseases

Quit Smoking

If you want to keep yourself away from heart diseases, then avoid smoking. If you are addicted to smoking, you may feel that it is giving you peace but it is not good for your health in any way but smoking and tobacco consumption are among the biggest reasons for coronary heart diseases. Consumption of tobacco causes damage to blood vessels and the heart.

Nutrional Diet

Eat nutritious and healthy foods. Include fruits, vegetables, whole-grain foods, food enriched with protein, for example, fish, beans, lentils, dairy items, and lean meat in your regular diet. Restrict the consumption of food and drinks with high calories, sugar, salt, preservatives, and added substances.

Regular Work Out

A recent report in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that individuals who spent time exercising and working out naturally have a healthy heart. Physical activities improve your heart's wellbeing by regulating blood pressure, reducing the danger of blood clots, stabilizing glucose levels, and improving the cholesterol ratio in your body.

Curb your Alcohol Consumption

Drinking an excess of liquor raises pulse and blood pressure. Men should adhere to close to two drinks per day, and ladies not more than one drink exhorts the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Track your Heart Health

Both high blood pressure and high cholesterol are harmful in relation to heart health. It is important to track and monitor blood pressure and cholesterol testing. High blood pressure and high blood cholesterol levels can cause a heart attack.

Stay Stress Free

Stress can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular failure, says Harvard Medical School. For stress-busting try to incorporate getting enough rest, customary exercise, practicing hobbies, relaxation, for example, meditation, yoga or tai chi, or tuning in to music you love.

Maintain BMI

Being overweight is considered a risk factor for heart disease, therefore, it is very important for you to exercise daily and eat a balanced diet. Heart problems are more due to obesity.

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