Does Sudden Change In Weather Affect your Health?

Can a sudden change in weather trigger your health? The answer is yes! For the fact, sudden climate change is known to cause several high-risk diseases. An unexpected change in weather is the real test of your immune system.

Our bodies are most comfortable in a certain environment. When there is weather change, they try to adapt to the new climate. However, during this transition, while our bodies have a difficult time adjusting, we may suffer from unpleasant diseases and health issues.

Here are 5 things we tend to suffer from during sudden weather change.

1. Mild Respiratory Disorders

Our respiratory system directly depends on the body temperature. If you dress in extreme ways like too many layers of clothes or not wearing enough layers of clothes then it would hamper your regular body temperature. Thus causing a negative impact on the respiratory tract.

2. Sinus and Throat Issues

The air around you must be clean. In case you spend your time in an AC environment, then make sure the filters are cleaned every 6 months. Inhaling dehumidified air filled with dust, dirt, pollen, and mold is extremely harmful to our throat.

3. Seasonal Asthama

Cold air has proven to be injurious for people suffering from Asthama. Hence, they are often advised to keep an inhaler handy. Researched state, our body functions differently in the presence of cold air. Our airway or the nasal system tends to slow down. This causes breathing problems, bronchitis, coughing, sneezing, and uneasiness

4. Allergies

Just like humans, plants and trees also get affected by the sudden seasonal change. It is observed that plants get irritated and release innumerable pollen grains into the atmosphere. These pollens aggravate the skin and cause seasonal allergies. To avoid this, you can apply a layer of cream over your skin.

5. Outbreaks

Sudden weather change directly affects the health of few people. Problems arise when such people further meet or mingle in larger groups, they unknowingly spread diseases and the chain goes on. This way a large population in an area gets affected by the same disease, thus causing an outbreak.

How to stay healthy even during sudden weather changes?

Firstly maintain a proper and balanced diet. Keep a check on nutrition and stay hydrated. Workout, stay active, or at least engage in jogging. This can increase blood flow and reduce joint stiffness. Maintain your body temperature, try to avoid outside food. If necessary, use a heating pad. Switch to boiled water for drinking purposes. Carry sanitizers wherever possible.

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