COVID Third Wave in India

After the severe second wave of the coronavirus pandemic that hit between February and May, a sharp decline in India's daily cases has been observed since the past few weeks. However, the recent trajectory of COVID-19 cases has depicted quite a few alarming signs.

According to the data shared by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), a slowdown in the downward trend of daily COVID infections can be noticed along with a slight increase in the positivity rate. This is a thing to worry about as there has been an influx of people at tourist destinations with no to negligible COVID-appropriate behavior seen from them.

Government's take on Lockdown

The Central government has expressed grave concerns over overcrowding and lack of social distancing in markets and hill stations over the past few days. They have now shown us signs of reimposing lockdown-like restrictions. Another strict lockdown will be imposed in places where people are found to be blatantly breaking the rules.

When will the third wave hit India?

'COVID third wave to hit India in August'
A research report has predicted that India will first witness the third wave of COVID-19 in mid-August 2021, raising the alarm bells for policymakers and citizens.

This possible third wave of coronavirus is expected to reach its peak between October and November stated Manindra Agarwal, a scientist of a government panel.

Predictions for the third wave-

The third wave is likely to be less dangerous than the second wave provided there aren't any new mutations or new strains.

The Sutra Model has mathematically projected the trajectory of COVID-19 in India, asserting that the coronavirus infection can spread at a faster pace during the third wave if ‘any new virulent variant’ of SARS-CoV-2 emerges

According to the SBI report, the global data has depicted that if a new strain or virus arises in the third wave, then the COVID-19 cases are estimated to reach nearly twice or 1.7 times than those from the second wave of the pandemic.

Current Covid Scenario in India

At the moment, India is witnessing 43,393 new COVID cases every day and 911 deaths, however, the number of recovering people is more than that of getting infected with 44,459, as per the latest update by the Health Ministry on Friday morning.

The active cases in India comprise 1.49 percent of the total affected and the national COVID-19 recovery rate stands at 97.19 percent.

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