Monsoon Season itself brings new life and a break from the heat and humidity of warm summer. Yes, this climate is bliss for humans but along with them even bacterias and viruses enjoy the monsoon season. From having fun in puddles to enjoying your street food, any outdoor activity you do in the monsoon can be a direct invitation to diseases caused by micro-organisms.

In this phase, even viral infections are common. Additionally, the high humidity can contribute to numerous skin diseases and fungal infections. Chronic skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis tend to worsen during the monsoon season. The climate is also ideal for the fungus to thrive. Hence, we have prepared a list of healthcare tips for you to stay healthy and safe during the monsoon.

1. Increase the intake of Vitamin C

Monsoon is the season when viral fevers, unfavorably allergic conditions, and other infections are generally widespread. Essentially, the air has more presence of microscopic organisms during this season than any other. To stay healthy, you need to boost your immunity. Perhaps the easiest method of doing that is increasing your Vitamin C intake. Eat sprouts, green vegetables, and oranges to have a Vitamin C-rich diet.

2. Get sufficient rest

Try not to stay awake until late working or watching any entertaining program. 7-8 hours of rest and sleep is extremely essential for Human Body. Enough sleep boosts immunity and forestalls flu that may occur. It efficiently manages to fight viruses.

3. Exercise consistently

Exercising and working out not just assists you in losing weight or staying in shape, however, it contributes greatly to boosting immunity too. It makes your heart race, improves blood circulation, and triggers serotonin (happiness-inducing hormone) synthesis, all of which brace your immune system against viruses and bacteria.

4. Do not let the water stagnate

One of the worst issues faced during monsoon is the breeding of mosquitoes and insects. These nasty little bugs have the potential to ruin your entire monsoon season. But, don’t worry! With just a few precautions, you can easily find your way to a mosquito-free residence. Ensure that there is no open water storage in your home. Ensure that they are always in covered pots. Similarly, take note to ensure that the drains are not clogged and there’s no rainwater held stagnant in your nearby areas. Mosquitos are born in stagnant water, so removing sources of stagnant water will help a lot.

5. Hand cleanliness is essential

Wash or clean your hands cautiously before you eat something when you are away from home and after you return home. Rehearsing great hand hygiene kills practically all organisms that may exist on the skin of your hands. Clip your nails regularly and wash them underneath them so that germs and bacteria do not accumulate there.

6. Say no to wet shoes

It is almost impossible to go to work and come back with your shoes clean and dry during the monsoon. If your shoes are mud-spattered or drenched, clean them properly and let them dry completely before you wear them again, otherwise, pathogens will grow in them. Ensure you have a dry pair of shoes or you can opt for special rubber/elastic shoes.

7. Add a sanitizer to the bathwater

The majority of people love going for a walk in the rain. It is not only refreshing but one of the miracles of human existence. Moreover, make sure to bathe with a sanitizer like Dettol, Savlon or Betadine, each time you get wet. It will save you from the large numbers of microorganisms you conveyed home and help you stay healthy and fit. Washing your hands and feet, legs is prudent as you get back. Keep in mind, utilize just clean water to wash your face.

8. Get your clothes ironed

It may appear to be an unusual tip, but clothes are often carriers of harmful bacterias and viruses in monsoon. Wardrobes, closets, and almirahs are for the most part used to store clothing and bedsheets. Since wet things tend to catch fungus and molds, For clothes to dry quickly, ironing is a good option.

9. Stay away from wiped out individuals

Since many individuals contract seasonal influenza or the common cold during the monsoon, you need to be super alert. While traveling, ensure you distance yourself from noticeably sick and debilitated individuals so that respiratory particles from them do not enter your system.

10. Enter an air-conditioned room only when you are dry

In case your office or home is air-conditioned and you get drenched during your drive, stand by before entering. Convey a towel to dry yourself however much as could reasonably be expected. Carry a towel to dry yourself as much as possible. Air conditioners blast drafts of cold air that will give you a terrible case of common cold if your skin and clothes are wet.
The monsoon is indeed a refreshing and spirit-uplifting season, but we must take care that it doesn't let our health be vulnerable. With the simple measures we suggested, you can enjoy this season without worrying about your health.

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