Retailio launches COVID-19 insurance plan in partnership with Edelweiss Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited

Retailio, India’s largest B2B healthcare marketplace has launched RioCare - a COVID-19 Insurance Policy for its partners in collaboration with Reliance General Insurance and Edelweiss Gallagher Insurance Brokers Ltd., which provides financial assistance to cope with COVID-19 related medical expenses. With a huge network of 70,000+ retailers and 3000+ distributors across India, it is a step forward introducing industry-first initiatives for its partners.

Retailio has ensured that the policy buying process is hassle-free and the users can opt for it with just a couple of clicks. It has been also extended to the insured’s family and staff to provide assistance towards any unforeseen expenses during this crisis period.

“Retailio has always cared for and served their partners in every possible manner and looking at the current crisis, Covid-19 Insurance is the need of the hour for partners, even if they have an existing health cover. The policy can be purchased on the Retailio platforms and is completely generated online. ” said, Mr. Rupesh Pathak, Director – Retailio.

This insurance plan provides lumpsum benefit coverage upto 100% of sum insured in case the insured is tested positive for coronavirus. Unlike traditional group health insurance policies, the insured does not have to wait for hospitalization – treatment - discharge to receive the compensation. This policy allows coverage for partners and their families between the ages of 3 months to 60 years, with a sum-insured range from Rs. 25,000 to Rs 2 lakhs. The policy is valid for one year and has a waiting period is for 15 days before one can claim under the policy.

As per Mr. Vinay Sohani, CEO - Edelweiss Gallagher Insurance Brokers Ltd., “Retailers are crucial cogs in the economic wheel and will play a vital role in reviving the economy post lockdown. We strongly believe that as operations resume their financial security will be of utmost importance. The safety net of an Insurance cover will offer a high degree of confidence to retailers who have been challenged by lockdown restrictions and uncertain economic conditions. This Initiative is a step in the right direction towards safeguarding the well-being of retail business owners and their employees in these uncertain times.”
Retailio has always prioritized the nation’s safety with a belief that prevention is better than cure and recommends strict adherence to government guidelines in the fight against COVID-19.

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